Protecting your identity should be as easy as flipping a switch...

What is iDovos?

iDovos™ works by placing an electronic on/off switch on credit, debit, and other financial accounts. Personal credit availability can also be protected and controlled for loan applications. All identity assets can be controlled using a phone or browser. In effect, it functions as an electronic gatekeeper which permits access to financial assets only when you give permission for your identity to be used.


Control the use of your identity

The key to iDovos is personal control over how identity is used. Once you protect, i.e. 'turn off', a credit or debit card, brokerage or bank account, personal line of credit, etc., the system immediately notifies the appropriate transaction verification services and consumer reporting agencies that no transactions are to be approved for the protected identity asset. In short, you decide exactly when your assets will be made available for transaction, and the rest of the time they remain 'locked' and out of harms way. All you need is an iDovos account and an internet or telephone connection.


Prevent identity misuse

iDovos - innovation in ID security

While other identity protection systems are merely reactive (only responding after fraud has been attempted), iDovos actually prevents the occurrence of identity misuse and fraudulent transactions by allowing you to exert pinpoint control over the accessibility of your identity assets. Thanks to the patent-pending technology known as Positive Identity Control (SM), they remain 'locked' and therefore beyond the reach of any potential thief until you decide to use them.


Meanwhile, absolutely no personally identifying information is stored by iDovos. Registered assets are designated and monitored, with their availability states transmitted to transaction verification services by means of a generated algorithmic token which neither utilizes nor contains any asset-specific information. The token functions simply as a 'handshake' between iDovos and the appropriate second-party, and would be completely useless in the hands of a criminal. The result is that the iDovos account itself is in no way a target for identity theft.


Manage your account from home or on the go

Assets protected by iDovos can be managed via a touchtone phone or web browser. Protected assets can be placed on “autopilot” so that they are enabled for specific time frames during the week. For example, your debit card might be configured to be available from 6 to 8:30 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

iDovos - identity fraud prevention

Set it, forget it SM

iDovos also has the ability to place a countdown timer on asset availability. This “egg-timer” capability permits identity asset use beginning at the point the timer is activated for the amount of time you specify.


For example: You might activate a high limit credit card for 6 hours beginning Saturday afternoon at 1:15 PM. Transactions using your identity for this asset will be permitted between 1:15 and 7:15 PM. Six hours after the asset was enabled for use, it again becomes useless to anyone that might try to use the credit card illegally.


Take your personal credit out of harms way

Your “new personal credit” asset will remain disabled almost all of the time. This is because you, like most people, rarely seek new credit. When you do get ready to apply for additional credit, you just enable the "new personal credit" asset for the time frame required by the lender and then turn it off once the application process is complete.


The vision behind iDovos rests on three simple principles:iDovos - making identity theft obselete...

  • It will never be possible to keep identity information from being stolen. The market value of this information is simply too great and the information too widely dispersed to prevent theft.
  • The best way to reduce the incidence of identity theft is to make it a worthless endeavor.
  • You will always be the most trustworthy guardian of your identity because you are the one with the most to lose if your identity is not properly protected.


"Identity data is devalued due to the level of uncertainty created by the iDovos system...Criminals can never be sure if a stolen credit card or social security number has any value whatsoever..."Gary Dennis, CEO Mantissa

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